in 2012, we signed YANGJIANG nuclear QS, QT plant wastˇ­ˇ­  2012-9-18 10:23:09
our company win the bid of AP1000 (nuclear 3 level equipment) land port equipment and universal fuel of water gate.  2012-6-8 12:13:46
Short news: Wanxiang Enterprise successfully signed a contract of Vrakhonisis Bay nuclear power special door  2011-6-25 15:17:09
Wanxiang enterprise successfully signed the project of AP1000 Oversized special shield doors  2011-3-23 13:11:12
Introduction to AP1000 nuclear power  2011-3-23 13:05:09
  2011-3-23 12:59:40
Signing ceremony of our company general manager and C2 fireproof doors project  2010-11-27 11:31:20
Yixing enterprise share the Olympic cake, Yixing Wanxiang fireproof doors are on the list  2008-2-17 15:01:56
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