Enterprise culture is the spirit of enterprise, the soul of enterprise, the goal of enterprise. It embodies the value idea of the enterprise , management idea, management principle, service tenet.

Company value:  run first-class enterprise, and a class image, first-rate product, excellent service, and to be a first-class first-class benefits and contribution.

Company mission: to social trust, make enterprise satisfactory, let the customer gratified, let a worker comfort.

Company spirit: strict truth-seeking, pioneering and enterprising, unite and strive, harmonious upward.

Company  positioning: high-end talent, high-end technology, high-end products, high-end market.

Quality policy: the product quality is the first, and continued to improvement, meet customer needs.

The company management principle: honest win the heart, high quality products win the market, perfect service to win the credit.

The company's clients ideas: the needs of customers is the goal of company . Customer Suggestions, is the power for the development of the company.

From the customer, to customers, is our company eternal road of the same

The company service concept: service is business. The operations of the company is the course to provide for the customer service process.

The service quality standard, is the customer's satisfaction.

Company slogan: innovative thinking, and scientific management, pioneering and enterprising, be the first, perfect service and achieve a win-win situation.

The company management principle: the accurate positioning and looking into the future, target management and standardize the assessment, a clear division of mutual cooperation, honesty and self-discipline, lead by example.

The service aims of the company: pre-sale service promise, sincerely strengthen communication with customer , wholehearted acceptance of customer Suggestions, sincere service, maintenance and soul.

The company product quality principle: the standard production, standardized operation strictly, scientific detection beautiful and easy, easy to use and safe, reliable, and green environmental protection.

Worker behavior standards: obey the law and self-discipline, preserve their moral integrity and pay attention to their appearance, wholehearted devotion to public duty and be diligent, obey the management, happy to sacrifice.

Worker action principle:not do malfeasance, not do the thing harmful to collectivity, not do jobbery.

Not do thing to block unite, not do things to harm others and benefits for himself, not do falsification.

Worker labor discipline: remember the factory regulations, obey work distribution,  comply with work and rest instituation , strictly abide by the procedures,Pay attention to product quality, protect public facilities, protect the environment sanitation, pay attention to safety operation, study assiduously technology, improve the production efficiency.
Worker self demand: have a spirit for loving their work, have a sense of innovation, have a  responsibility of keeping righteousness.Have a pursuit of advocating skills, have a thought of being happy to dedicate, have the mind of caring overall situation.

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